Atlantic Beach

Project Name: Atlantic Beach
Area: Atlantic Beach, Melkbosstrand
Type of garden: Indigenous Coastal
Maintenance requirements: Low
Water requirements: Low

The Brief: The house is situated on the esteemed Atlantic Beach Eco & Golf Estate with strict rules on the varieties of plants to be used. Only indigenous varieties endemic to the area are allowed to be planted. The Client renovated their home and wanted to transform their courtyard into a play area for their pets, two Norwegian forest cats. These cats love flowing water and to explore outdoors. The brief was to install a water feature that simulated a flowing stream, but would still fit in with the formal layout of the house. We suggested a shallow trough-shape feature with small river pebbles. A tree was planted in the centre of the courtyard for the cats to climb in and to be used as a scratch pole. Low growing, waterwise creepers were planted to cover the soil.

There were two large patches of lawn that was removed & replaced with water wise, low maintenance creepers. We made use of railway sleepers to create a trailing walkway through these areas.

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